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Owned and operated by Michelle Jansova, Design Studio M is a full-service design firm specializing in residential and boutique-style commercial design. Our style is casual and minimalistic, not cluttered or cold. We utilize texture, colour, patterns & natural materials to create beautiful, well thought out interiors that express our client's needs and personality.

With over 6 years in the design industry, we understand humans have a natural need to connect with their space. For us, this means understanding the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.

We feel good design should not only provide efficient solutions, but also affect on a human level and have an affirmative impact. We appreciate beautiful design at any price, and understand that trends come and go, but timeless design never goes out of style.

Michelle Jansova


We begin by getting to know our client's needs and wishes so we can best assess the right solutions into the overall planing and design of the project, big or small!

We take pride in our ability to tackle any design challenge and always strive to keep the whole process smooth and positive for everyone. Our experience in design combined with our keen eye for detail results in unique, talior-made spaces that feel effortless and timeless. 

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